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Thank You

On this page, we give our thanks to the organisations and people that have made significant contributions (e.g. donations of over 1,000 pens, or assistance with funding) to

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Thanks for....


Dec 2015
Daphne Howard
Sending approx 70 pens, 50 pencils, plus sellotape, scissors, pencils, crayons and notebooks directly to ACOHOF in Republic of Cameroon

Dec 2015
MSI Global Alliance

MSI Global Alliance

Sending approx 700 pens directly to EACO in Uganda

Dec 2015
Cult Pens and Blue Skies Foundation

Cult Pens

Blue Skies Foundation
Running a Christmas promotion, matching each box of pens bought for Pens for Kids by Cult Pens' customers with a box donated by them, the result being 111,850 pens being sent to Blue Skies Foundation in Ghana.

Thanks to Blue Skies Foundation for handling the logistics from the UK.

Oct 2015
Taylor and Francis Group, publishers
Sending approx 5,000 new pens to Afoni Children of Hope Foundation, Cameroon.

Aug 2015
Stephen from Sheffield
A large parcel of pens and pencils, and a cheque towards postage
Domation from Stephen in Sheffield
Aug 2015
Ian and Michelle Lewis
A pencil case full of pens and a cheque towards postage

June 2015

Hoist Group Logo
Sending 318 pens with an old logo on to an orphanage in a deep remote area of Lufwanyama district  in Zambia.
To follow....
June 2015
Healthwatch, Richmond Upon Thames

Logo of Healthwatch, Richmond
Donation of 1,000 pens

June 2015
St Andrews Church, Broughton, Northants.

St Andrews Church, Broughton
An amazing donation of 500, and creating a collection box to collect more unwanted pens and pencils to send.
Alex with donation cheque and letter
May 2015
Aidan Conway
Enclosing a donation cheque towards postage with the pens and pencils you sent.

May 2015
Corinne Wilson of Smeath in Kent
Donating a box of unwanted pens, pencils, rulers, and other useful equipment
Pens and other items donated by Corinne Wilson
Apr 2015
Olwen Sawney of Surbiton
A donation towards shipping costs.

Apr 2015
Surrey County Council
Donating around 2,000 unused pens from an old campaign.

Mar 2015
Nicola Jeffery
Sending a parcel of pens directly to Kenya.

Mar 2015
Association of MBAs

Association of MBAs logo
10 boxes of pens, pencils and highlighters.
Donation received from AMBA
Feb 2015
Oly and Heather Froger of Biot in France
Donation of a bag of new and used pens
Pens donated from the Froger family of Biot, France
Feb 2015
Consumerdata of Leeds

Consumerdata Link

70,000 mini jotter pens Logo
Feb 2015
Danielle and 1st Munich Guides
Sending 531 pencils, 83 pens and rulers, erasers and sharpeners to Uganda.
Danielle from 1st Munich Guides with box of pens and pencils
Box of pens sent to Uganda by 1st Munich Guides
Jan 2015

Donating a box of around 500 pads and 500 pencils.

Jan 2015
Simon Allen of North London.

Simon Allen Ceremonies
A donation made through Paypal.

Jan 2015
Urszula Pitt
Dropping off 2 boxes of pens, pencils and other stationery at Pens for Kids, 36 Glebe Avenue, Broughton, Kettering.
Pens dropped off by Urszula Pitt
Jan 2015
Everyone who sent Pens for Kids pens, pencils, rulers, staplers, erasers etc over the Christmas period.
Everything you sent....
Pens received Jan 2015
Jan 2015
Helga Irvine of West Pitcorth
Pens and pencils

Jan 2015
AQA Education

AQA Education home page

Big box of pens
Parcel from AQA Education

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