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On this page, we give our thanks to the organisations and people that have made significant contributions (e.g. donations of over 1,000 pens, or assistance with funding) to

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Thanks for....


Dec 2014
Cult Pens and Blue Skies Foundation

Cult Pens

Blue Skies Foundation

Cult Pens running a Christmas promotion, matching each box of pens bought for Pens for Kids by their customers with a box donated by them, the result being 40,360 pens being sent to Blue Skies Foundation in Senegal and Ghana.

Thanks to Blue Skies Foundation for handling the logistics from the UK to these countries.

Dec 2014
Gill Avery of East Grinstead
Making a donation through

Nov 2014
Ray Baxter
Sending pens directly to Tshaulu Primary School, South Africa.

Oct 2014
Melanie Rees of the Green Centre in Brighton
A huge donation of pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, staplers.....loads!

Oct 2014
Anna Pierides
Donation of pens

Sep 2014
Susan Carter
Package of pens and donation towards shipping costs.

Sep 2014
Martina Wilson
Posting pens, coloured markers, pencils, erasers, rulers and geometry equipment to Tshaulu Primary School in South Africa

August 2014
Carri Hecks of Twickenham
Organising a donation of pens, and for making a donation towards shipping costs.

August 2014
St Mary's University in Twickenham

St Mary's University Twickenham logo
A huge box of pens
Carri Hecks donation
August 2014
The Pens Warehouse

The Pens Warehouse logo
Offer of more unwanted pens

August 2014
Nancy of Glendale Shop and Post Office on Skye
Box of pens and other stationery.

Jul 2014
Kimberley Wyllie and Hannah White
Sending stacks of pens, pencils and other items directly to Rescue Childre, Sierra Leone.

June 2014
Kelly Knights of LCG Group

LGC Group Logo
Donation of pens and paper

Apr 2014
Impellam Group

Carbon60 logo
Donation of 200 pens

Apr 2014
Cult Pens

Cult Pens home page

Here are some photos of the pens being distributed
Sending 21,000 pens directly to Tanzania for distribution.
Cult Pens donation being distributed
Cult Pens donation being distributed
Cult Pens donation being distributed
Cult Pens donation being distributed
Cult Pens donation being distributed
Mar 2014
Alistair and Lorraine from

StudioLoza Web Site
Box of pens and other stationery, and a Paypal donation
Pens from Alistair and Lorraine
Mar 2014
Phil Deane, and some members of the Fountain Pen Network

Most are members of the Inkwell Facebook page at
Choosing Pens for Kids UK as their good cause in February, when they ran the Inkuary challenge.

Mar 2014
Gina Shillitani of Tampa, FL
Paypal donation to Pens for Kids UK

Mar 2014
Abbeygate Diaries and Leathergood

Abbeygate Diaries and Leathergoods Web site

Donation of pens
Parcel of pens from Abbeygate Diaries and Leathergoods
Mar 2014
A Mohan, Co Cavan
Box of pens, pencils, glue sticks.
Donation from A Mohan
Feb 2014
Rebecca Nash
Sending 60 coloured pencils, 50 pencils, 10 pens and about 20 assorted erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers and a few dice directly to Mengo Children's Foundation in Uganda.

Jan 2014
M&S Bank

M and S Bank

M and S Bank Logo
Around 500 mini note pads that are on their way to Blue Skies Foundation in Ghana.

Jan 2014
AQA Education

AQA Education home page

Boxes of pens, pencils and other stationery AQA donation
Jan 2014
Dr Johan Oldekop of Sheffield
Sending us a bag of unwanted pens

Jan 2014
Lisa Bethel

Sending some pens, pencils and erasers directly overseas.

If you would like to donate to help us with the cost of sending pens, please click below: