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Thank You

On this page, we give our thanks to the organisations and people that have made significant contributions (e.g. donations of over 1,000 pens, or assistance with funding) to

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Earlier "Thank You" pages can be seen here:
Thank You in 2012
Thank You page to 2011



Thanks for....


All of 2013
All the anonymous donors who have sent pens, pencils, rulers, staplers, erasers, etc, without any way of us contacting them to say thanks!

Dec 2013

Hatstand Logo

Hatstand Web Site

Donation of 1,000 unwanted pens
Donation of pens from Hatstand
Dec 2013
The Pen Warehouse
Pen Warehouse logo

10 boxes of pens and pencils
Some of the 10 boxes from The Pen Warehouse
Dec 2013
Helen Dunne of Fulwell, Sunderland
A donation towards shipping costs

Dec 2013
Cult Pens

Cult Pens home page

A great Christmas promotion, which resulted in Cult Pens sending 21,000 pens directly to Tanzania
Cult Pens Christmas Promotion for Pens for Kids
Nov 2013
Mercer logo

Mercer home page

2 boxes of Mercer pens
Boxes of Mercer pens
Mercer pens
Nov 2013
Langley King
Langley King logo

Langley King home page

Box of pens, pencils, staplers, rulers and other useful stationery
Stationery donated by Langley King
Nov 2013
Prodir Logo

Prodir home page

15.840 pens
Pens donated by Prodir
Nov 2013
Chris and Eileen from Southsea
Box of pens and pencils, and a donation towards shipping costs.

Nov 2013
Gareth Johnston
50 pencils and pencils directly to Malawi. Pens donated by Gareth Johnston
Nov 2013
Lorna Fletcher
Sending pens, pencils and erasers directly to Malawi.

Nov 2013
Cult Pens

Cult Pens home page
Web campaign to donate pens for PFK-UK
Cult Pens promotion
Oct 2013
The Boston Consulting Group UK LLP
Sending around 80 pens for Philip Amon in Tanzania

Oct 2013
Carolyn Stimpson
Sending over 150 pens directly to Oscar Mwangi in Kenya

Sep 2013
The Mail Shop of Hucknall, Nottingham

The Mail Shop logo

A huge box of pens
Box of pens donated by The MailShop
August 2013
Ray Baxter
Sending pens to Uganda

August 2013
Kate Smith
Sending pens directly to Uganda

August 2013
Mel Rees and all at the Green Centre, Brighton
Pens, pencils, erasers, lots of things for Pens for Kids and Omushana
Photo of the Green Centre, Brighton
August 2013
William Rogers
Sending pens, pencils erasers, sharpeners and rulers directly to Tanzania

July 2013
One Stop Promotions of Shepshed, Leicestershire

One Stop Promotions Logo

One Stop Promotions
2 huge boxes of pens
Pens from One Stop Promotions
Distribution in Uganda
July 2013
Michelle Lewis of Stanwick
Packet of pens and pencils and a donation towards shipping.

June 2013
The Cumberland Pencil Company

Derwent Pencils logo
Huge box of pencils
Parcel of pencils from Cumberland Pencil Company
June 2013
Go Promotional

Go Promotional logo

2,000 pens
Go Promotional pens
Distribution in Uganda
June 2013

2,000 pens
Skillbond pens
Distribution in Uganda
June 2013
Mesha Chahal of Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne
Parcel of pens, pencils and notebooks Parcel of pens, pencils and notebooks from Mesha
June 2013
Philippa Lee
Box of pens and pencils, and a donarion ro help with shipping costs

May 2013
J Tweed of Linton, Cambridge
Box of pens and pencils, and a donation to help with shipping costs

May 2013
Ian and Helen Doyle of Celebrating Katy, an organisation to fundraise and help increase awareness for people with Epilepsy.
Logo of Celebrating Katy
Sending pens directly to Meriam Mahuntsi in South Africa

Apr 2013
Vivienne Riddoch
Packaging around 2,000 pens and sending them directly to Samuel Magua Kiiru in Kenya.

Apr 2013
Club Carlson - the global hotel rewards program from Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group logo

Carlson Rezidor link

A pallet containing boxes with Club Carlson notebooks.
Pallet containing donated Club Carlson notepads

Donated Club Carlson notepads

Apr 2013
Box of pens
Donation of Pens from Equifax
Apr 2013
Synova Capital

Synova Capital Logo

Synova Capital link

Multiple boxes of stationery items, including notepads and flip board paper.
Boxes received from Synova Capital
Box of notepads received from Synova Capital
Apr 2013
Mark Straw and all at Beechwood

Beechwood Veterinary Hospital logo

Beechwood Veterinary Hospital link

Yet another box of stationery
Donation from Beechwood Veterinary Hospital
Apr 2013
T R and T P Simmonds
Selection of stationery items, and a donation to help towards sending them
Photo of donation from T Simmonds
Mar 2013
Alice, from Kineton, Warwick
Some pens and pencils, and a donation towards sending them

Mar 2013
R Blight of Westminster Compliance

Westminster Compliance logo
Another stack of pens and pencils

Mar 2013
R Harris of Appledore, Devon
Parcel containing pens and pencils, and a donation towards shipping costs.
Donation from R Harris, Appledore
Mar 2013
Timesco Healthcare Ltd

Timesco Healthcare Ltd
Sending around 1,600 pens directly to our Ambasador Felix Mutua Muthama in Machakos, Kenya.
Timesco Healthcare Logo
Feb 2013
Jenny and Jay Travis of Teddington
Sending pens and pencils, and a donation towards sending them overseas.

Feb 2013
Chris and Jackie Clifford of Huntingtower Lodge B&B

Huntingtower Lodge
Testing pens before sending them to us, and including a donation towards shipping costs.

Jan 2013
Joanne McPadden of Donaghadee
Sending us a box of pens
Photo of pens sent by Joanne McPadden
Jan 2013
Jenny Bellorini
Sending around 200 pencils directly to our Ambassador in Tanzania.

Jan 2013
M and S Bank

M and S Bank

M and S Bank Logo
Sending us around 600 pens along with over 200 notepads.
Photo of M and S Bank donation
Jan 2013
Alice Cull of London SE28

Requesting a donation towards our shipping costs instead of a birthday present from her dad.
Many thanks, Alice, and Happy Birthday for 21st January from Pens for Kids.

If you would like to donate to help us with the cost of sending pens, please click below: