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Thank You - archive to December 2011

On this page, we give our thanks to the organisations and people that have made significant contributions (e.g. donations of over 1,000 pens, or assistance with funding) to

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Thanks for....


31st Dec 2011
Everyone who has supported Pens for Kids over the last couple of years
Pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, fund-raising, donations, support.
We really appreciate it.

Dec 2011
Mrs C Lawrence of Sheffield
Bag full of pens and pencils - and a special thank you for checking that all the pens work (we don't want to pay to send any that don't).

Dec 2011
Beechwood Veterinary Hospital in Doncaster

Beechwood Veterinary Hospital logo

Beechwood Veterinary Hospital link
Running an appeal to collect pens for Pens for Kids.

Dec 2011
The Marketing Team, Colchester Institute

Colchester Institute Logo

Colchester Institute web page
Pens, pencils, note pads, parcel tape....all sort of things!

Nov 2011
Richard Blight of Westminster Compliance

Westminster Compliance logo
1: Sending lots of pens
2: Publicising Pens for Kids UK by emailing contacts about us, and using Facebook and Twitter to spread the news.

Nov 2011
Professor Trevor Griffiths
Pens and a substantial donation towards shipping.

Nov 2011
Lots of pens, pencils, erasers, rulers etc

Sep 2011
Joy Sharon of Luton
Lots and lots of pens, pencils, erasers etc
Photo of pens received from Joy Sharon
July 2011
1st Class Packaging of Northampton

1st Class Packaging Logo
Pallet wrap for the boxes we're sending to Kenya

July 2011
Alpha Pallets of Northampton

Pallets at cost price

July 2011
Saint Gobain Performance Plastics

Saint Gobain Logo
Donations of pens

June 2011

Kenexa Logo
Donation of 13,000 pens

Apr 2011
G S Brock of Bradford
Pencils, pens and crayons

Mar 2011
PRS for Music
PRS for Music logo
Donation of 2,000 pens, and for
shipping them directly to Tanzania.

Mar 2011
Broughton Primary School, Broughton, Kettering, Northants.

You can see some of the photographs by clicking this link:
Broughton Primary School Fund Raising Day
A fabulous fund-raising day, raising over 700 for Pens For Kids UK.
Click the link
on the left
Mar 2011
Mrs Claire Harvey
Donation of pens and funds to send some.

Jan 2011
Lin Horrocks of Payhembury
Pens and pencils

Dec 2010
Kelvin (I don't know any more details than this)
2,800 pens sent directly to our Ambassador Japheth in Kenya.

Nov 2010
Sheffield City Council; Safer and Sustainable Partnership
Big box of pens

Nov 2010
Broughton Primary School, Broughton, Northants.

Adopting Pens For Kids as one of the schools projects for the year.
Photo of Broughton Primary School
Oct 2010
Mr and Mrs F Pearce of Ipswich
Donation to pay for shipping of donated pens.

Oct 2010
Postbank Ireland (and in particular, Shelly Dhana for all her help)
212,000 pens.
Pens arriving from Postbank Ireland
Pens from Postbank Ireland
Sept 2010
Judith Good
Donation to pay for shipping of donated pens.

Aug 2010
Gill Castle
Taking around 4,000 pens (and some rulers) to Uganda and distributing them.
Pens being distributed by Gill in Uganda
Distributing pens in Uganda
June 2010
LH plc Logo
Donation of pens

June 2010
Aisling East and friends
Donating and shipping around 700 pens to Kenya.

May 2010
Promotional Pen Shop logo

Publicity Pens logo

Approximately 20,000 pens and pencils, plus erasers and rulers....and for dropping them off at PFK UK HQ.
Photo of kids with donated pens
April 2010
Other pens donated to Pens for Kids this month were donated by:

April 2010
South East England Partnership Board
South East England Partnership Board logo

April 2010
Avanquest ProcessFlows Logo
Donating and sending pens to Pens For Kids in Tanzania

Mar 2010
Other pens donated to Pens for kids this month were donated by:
  • HBP Media Sales
  • IGO-Post (International Gift Organisation)
  • SQCF
Thank you all.

Mar 2010
Rezidor Hotel Group logo

Rezidor Group brands
10,700 pens from Rezidor Middle East, collected by the Radisson Blu hotel in Riyadh.
Donation of 10,700 pens from Rezidor Middle East
Feb 2010
Remarkable Pencils plastic tub with pens
Remarkable (Pencils) Ltd
A Remarkable quantity of pens (1,758)
Photo of school with donated pens
Photo of school with donated pens
School with pens donated by Remarkable Pens
Feb 2010
Ideas By Net
Donation of pens

Feb 2010
Pilot Pens
Donation of pens

Feb 2010
Signature Flight Support logo
Agreeing to collect pens in UK FBOs

Jan 2010
Rezidor Hotel Group logo

Rezidor Group brands
20,000 pens from Rezidor, Europe
Image of Rezidor donated pens in car boot
Image of boxes of Rezidor donated pens
Rezidor pens being delivered.   Thanks Rezidor!
Rezidor pens being delivered. Thanks Rezidor!

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