Pens For Kids UK

How you can help

Sending Pens (and pencils, erasers, rulers.....etc)

Donations of unwanted pens, pencils, erasers, rulers are welcomed - anything that might be useful in a school or orphanage.

A list of requesting organisations can be found at

Don't restrict yourself to just pens; pencils, erasers, rulers etc are all welcome.

If you are able, please test your pens before sending them, it avoids you paying postage on something that isn't working!

In the UK, once you have sorted out the not-working pens from the working ones, put the ones that don't work to good use too! Simply Google "Terracycle Writing Instruments Recycling Programme" and help one of your local charities raise money by dropping your pens that don't work off  with them. You'll also be keeping them out of a landfill site.

Photo showing kids with donated pens

Get Involved - UK

Due to health issues, we are temporarily stopping operations of Pens for Kids in the UK. If you would like to take over the running of this organisation in the UK, do please get in touch by emailing We will of course support in any way we can.

Please note that nobody receives any salary or payment from Pens For Kids UK. All donations are only used to send pens.