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If you are thinking of sending pens directly to Africa rather than to one of our collection offices listed here, you can find details of our Ambassadors here List of Pens for Kids Ambassadors This will help us massively, as we always have more pens to send than funds to send them with.

Pens for Kids Denmark:

Claus Kusk Hjørnet
Holmevej 21
Annisse Nord
DK-3200 Helsinge

Pens For Kids USA:

Linda Wills
2225 Josie Avenue
Long Beach
California, 90815, USA.

Pens for Kids UK:

Malcolm O'Brien
Pens for Kids
36 Glebe Avenue
Kettering NN14 1NE

Pens for Kids Portugal:

Fatima Moreiro
Rua Pinto Bessa,
631 - 4° Esq.
4300 433 Porto

One final important thing to mention;  because we are making our contact details public, we do get a lot of spam sent to our email addresses, lots of offers of millions of pounds or dollars needing transferring from various countries, lots of other dubious things that people try to sell to us.
Unfortunately I need to use the email "Delete" button much more than the "Reply" button, and can usually see quite easily if an email is genuine or not - so please don't waste everyone's time by sending a spam scam email.

Pens for Kids is trying to help underprivileged kids by removing one of the hurdles on their way to an education - the cost of a pen!
Distributing Pens

To help with the cost of shipping pens, please use the "Donate" button below, or see our bank details on the "How You Can Help" page.